Ok, Finally!! The long awaited list | Napa Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Ok, Finally!! The long awaited list | Napa Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting Tours

What Type Of Wine Enthusiast Are You??? Hello to all my beautiful previous and future guests. One of the most asked questions is ” What is your favorite Wineries ” The link below for that list is below. Please read the rest of this little article before you go too the bottom. As a Driver, Tour Guide, or even a good friend, I have seen a lot in this business. I believe that less is more. I am not saying anyone should change there wine tasting  habits or anything like that. I am trying too get you more bang for you buck. It is my opinion that there is three types of wine tasters. A, B, & C.  A is the group that comes and just taste up to 2-3 premium wineries in 6-8 hours and enjoy the experience of the winery. B is the group that comes and wants to do a Winery Tour, then just have fun the rest of the day. C is the Group that just wants you too keep the car running and we are trying to break the old record of (9)  wineries they have stopped at.  That group really cuts into Grampa’s nap time. Lol My point is: I can put several different Wine Tours together for the A’s, B’s, & the C’s but everyone should think about how they spend there hard earned money.

You should spoil yourself since you are coming to the Wine Country. If you just go to no more than three wineries I believe you would enjoy the wine making process or philosophy of the Wine Maker a lot more.  Trust me it is different at every establishment. So ask you self if you want to taste cheaper, mediocre, or the best. Sure there is a cost, sometimes. No I am not saying I can get your free tastings. But what if I did? One of the secrets to wine tasting and buying is, if you buy wine you can taste for free. Buy a case of wine you can get up to 25% or more off and maybe free shipping, too!! You already know how too save money by using our services. Right!!! Here is my favorite Wineries

Napa Wine Tours | Non-Limo Wine Tours | Napa Designated Drivers

Napa Wine Tours | Non-Limo Napa Wine Tours | Napa Designated Drivers

Unlike most of our competitors we have lived and work in the Napa Valley most of our lives. When your  coming to the Napa Valley for a Napa Wine Tour, or even a Sonoma Wine Tour, hopefully you want someone who knows the Wine Country. I have been on a few wine tours and the driver  had a map. Pull over, get out of the van, look around, look at the map, then get back in the van and drive. But! Truthfully that was the worst case scenario.  I am sure there are lots of horror stories about Wine Tasting Tours. That is why I started My Private Driver. Net.

I have my information about me on this website about being a Designated Driver in the 1970’s. That was when I worked for the Robert Mondavi WInery. Did you know that the Robert Mondavi Winery was the first new Winery since prohibition? Now we have over 450 in the Napa Valley. Hypothetically, walk next door and get a bottle of wine.  Living in Yountville when I was a kid, I have really noticed the major changes to the Town of Yountville I cannot list them all but I can tell you it is night vs. day. Even going to the Elementary School in Yountville has had major changes.

So you want to go on a Napa Wine Tasting Tour? Click on the previous link to get all our information about our services and our rates. Also what rental car companies we work with.  I have been in the Napa Valley since 1955. I can go just about anywhere here because I know it like the back of my hand. Here at My Private Driver we only have one kind of Wine Tasting Tour!! Yours. Go when and where you want too. Sure I have the knowledge to put a great Napa Wine tasting tour together for you. Call today My Private Driver Now. 707 294-0007.

April In Carneros | Napa Sonoma Wine Tours | Designated Driver

April In Carneros | Napa Sonoma Wine Tours | Designated Driver

A lot of the  participating wineries are seldom if ever open to the public. The wineries you may have visited before will be offering special activities for the event.

This exciting multi-winery open house will feature nearly 20 wineries in the Carneros region of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Each winery will open its doors to visitors to join in on a variety of activities, offering their own special variety of food and wine pairings, live music, and more.


Tickets are $39 per person in advance BUY TICKETS and $45 per person the day of the event…designated drivers are $10 advance or day of! (Some activities at select wineries may have additional fees, but all participating wineries have generous offerings for April in Carneros participants included in the cost of admission.) Proceeds from April in Carneros help to fund scholarships at Santa Rosa Junior College and Napa Valley College.

Designated Drivers are only $10.00

Stay Alive-Don’t Drink & Drive

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Cobb Stompers play Arkansas Traveler
The Cobb Stompers played the weekend at Adastra during ”April in Carneros” wine tour, Napa Valley, 2010.