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 Napa Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

My name is Buzz Vieau. I wanted to thank you for coming to our site. I have been driving Limos and other large vehicles since 1985. I have a Class “C” drivers license in California. I was a Licensed “B” General Contractor in California. I have been in the Napa Valley since 1955. I was born in North Carolina.

My working life starting in the Carpenters Union in 1970. I worked in the Carpenters Union till the summer of 1974 and construction projects we hard too find. So my apprenticeship of four years was served. In the summer of 1974 a good friend Steve Dillon did help me get a job a Robert Mondavi Winery stacking wine cases on the bottling line.  I did that till 1977 and then I was promoted to assistant foreman/mechanic on the bottling line at Robert Mondavi Winery running the night shift bottling. I was at Robert Mondavi Winery until the end of 1979. My passion for construction never went away so I got my Contractors License in California in 1981.

I learned a lot about wine and the wine industry. While I worked at Robert Mondavi Winery Robert insisted that we visited other wineries in Napa to further our education about different varietals and types of wine. Of course in those days there was not as many wineries as there today. It is pretty much what I do today, where all of us got in a car with someone that is the designated driver. The only thing that has changed is the date. I’m still the designated driver. I have been around wine tasting ever since. I owned a Cadillac Limousine in 1985 and decided not to go into the Wine Tour business. But with the advent of the Internet it is a lot easier to get the word out about any business.

Napa Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

I presently drive for one Limousine service in Napa California. I am somewhat busy but I am looking to stay busier with my free time. So that is the purpose of this website.

My purpose also is for people who come to the Napa/Sonoma or any Wine Region to save a little money with their transportation costs and I make a little extra money also.

Please feel free to check out our Services to find something that really fits your budget and vacation plans. I can provide a copy of my CA Drivers License Report at anytime. You need a Hotel in Napa County. Go to our Napa County Hotels link Or simply call 707-307-9532.

Thank You

Buzz Vieau


Our Office Location

To get to our Napa Office location  you will want to use Hwy 29 North and go up to Lincoln Ave and stay right at the fork onto Lincoln Ave. Soscol Ave Traffic signals on the left onto Soscol Ave. and the next left turn is Pueblo Ave. Turn left onto Michelle CT.  The second driveway is Oak Drive.  For specific instructions from you location 

Napa Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

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