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The reviews below were taken from I now have “15” filtered reviews that Yelp says they are not recommended. Two of the reviews are from Marc C. and whats funny is the second one is Tracy L. in which she was in the same car with Marc. Way too go Yelp!!! Our newest review was posted on July 30th, 2019. This is like trying to wait for eggs too hatch. Lol!!

“Update” All my reviews before as of the above date are now in the filtered box on Yelp.  The last one was sent to the filter box  after a few days of being written  on yelp. I have spoken to a couple of other “yelp” business people and they both said that Yelp does this because we will not pay for their service. I have written by email a couple of times to Yelp and have not got a response.

You will be able to find the “Filtered reviews” and see them on Yelp after clicking on the link above. I assure you that all the reviews are all legit. I have phone numbers and emails of everyone except Ian from Germany. If you want to talk to the rest of the reviews I will be glad to put you in touch with them.

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Marco B.

5 Stars

Newton, MA

My fiancee and I had Buzz drive us around Napa Valley during our honeymoon.  Buzz was awesome!  From giving us insider tips to boutique wineries (and staying away from the large touristy over-rated wineries).  Buzz went above and beyond, maximizing our time at the wineries and going to pick up our lunch while we were at a tasting.  I’d highly recommend Buzz to anyone that is going to Napa or Sonoma and wants to relax and enjoy their day, while not worrying about getting a DUI.



5 Stars

SaraBeth P.

Houston TX

My husband and I hired Buzz to drive us while we were in Napa for our honeymoon this June.  This was our first trip to wine country so we were unfamiliar with how to get around and knew hiring a driver would make for the best experience.  We came upon Buzz’s website and were delighted when he said he was available during the time of our visit.  He was friendly from the start and very helpful.  He picked us up at our hotel each day and drove our Enterprise rental car.  In between the wine tours we had set up, he helped recommend other wineries that he knew we would be fun and that we could pop into easily.  The first day, Buzz offered to pick our lunch up for us at Oakville Grocery and took us to a great picnic spot overlooking the valley…priceless!  Having Buzz to drive us made the trip even more perfect.  It honestly could not have worked out any better.  He even took us to dinner and would stay out as late as we requested with a great attitude.  We really appreciated his helpful spirit and knowledgeable recommendations.  Of course being on our honeymoon anywhere would have been awesome to visit, but having Buzz just made everything go seamlessly and helped allow us to relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about logistics.  We highly recommend Buzz and his services and will definitely call him again the next time we are in the Napa area!  He is extremely friendly and always makes you feel at home. His vast knowledge of the wine industry and Napa area make his service even better.  He gave us lots of insight that we wouldn’t have gotten driving ourselves.  As another review said, you really feel like Buzz is an old friend that you haven’t seen in awhile.  We had a blast!  Thanks again, Buzz!



5 Stars


Chicago, IL

Buzz is the way to go if you are touring Napa!  We spent two days with Buzz and he made touring effortless.   He has great knowledge of the area and even helps find deals for tastings. I would recommend his services to anyone!



4 Stars

Lisa F

Roswell, GA

Buzz was easy to work with and knew the area well.  My friends and I had a great time.  I would definitely use his service again next time I am in Napa or Sonoma.



4 Stars

Andrea H.

Falls Church, VA

My friends and I had a great time, thanks to our fantastic driver.  Buzz was punctual and professional.   He helped with lots of little details, and ultimately made our experience in Napa and Sonoma a lot of fun.  Money very well spent.



5 Stars

Tracy L.

Los Angeles, CA

My boyfriend and I visited Napa February 19-21, 2011 and used Buzz for two days of wine tasting. Buzz was AWESOME. I was very nervous about using Buzz at first since he didn’t have as many reviews as the other designated drivers in the area but everything worked out GREAT.

Buzz only charged me $25 per hour (other drivers charge as much as $50/hour).  We used Budget rental car and were able to add Buzz as a driver. The Budget office in Napa ran Buzz’s driving record from the DMV and his record came back clean.

Buzz was very knowledgeable about the area and was able to get us where we wanted to go. He also had some great suggestions.

For lunch, Buzz has a book of menus from the local restaurants/delis and will go pick up your lunch order for you. We had him pick up lunch for us one of the days and had a picnic at Frank Family Vineyards.  He also provided us with bottled water and maps of the area.

We will definitely use Buzz every time we visit Napa and highly recommend him.



5 Stars

Mark C. Santa Monica, CA

I had Buzz as “my private driver” on a recent wine tasting trip to Napa Valley with some friends.  Buzz has lived in the area for over 40 years and knows it like the back of his hand.  He’s friendly, professional, and struck just the right balance between getting us where we wanted to go and sprinkling in suggestions on what to hit and what to miss.  It was such a relief and luxury to have him behind the wheel.  We didn’t need to worry about navigating and didn’t have to risk driving under the influence.  Buzz also has a selection of menus from local lunch spots available.  He picked up lunch for us while we were tasting so we could maximize the time we had available to go to as many vineyards as possible.  I highly recommend him.


Katie B.  Phoenix, AZ

5 Stars


My boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Napa to go wine tasting for three full days. I was looking around online for transportation options when I ran across a Yelp search results page listing several individuals willing to drive people around on their wine tours. I read through reviews for multiple drivers, and e-mailed quite a few as well. After researching for about three days, I decided to go with Buzz.

Buzz offered the best deal – he was significantly more reasonably priced than everyone else that I looked at, and even offered us a discount if we booked all three days with him. He only had five star reviews, and reading all of them left me with a great feeling about him. I figured we would be spending quite a bit of time with whoever we chose to use over the three day period that we were there, so I wanted to make sure we used someone who would be laid back and enjoyable to be around. Buzz is both of those, to say the least.

Buzz was always early to pick us up. He brought a cooler filled with water bottles every day. One of the days it rained and he brought us an umbrella, and even one of his rain jackets for my boyfriend to wear instead of his leather jacket. He knew where every place that we wanted to go was, and got us there on time, every time. Our days were jam-packed with wine tastings, and as the day wore on and we weren’t quite as clear-headed, it was pretty easy to lose track of time. Buzz would send us text messages reminding us when we needed to get going to make it to our next winery.

Buzz has lived in Napa for over 50 years, so you have a local personally showing you around. Our car rides were filled with interesting anecdotes about places we passed on our way to the different wineries. He was full of suggestions on how to kill spare time between tastings….sightseeing, an extra winery or two at his recommendation (all off the beaten path and great picks), or an impromptu tour through Yountville or Calistoga. He brought menus with him for us to call ahead and order lunch, which he would go pick up while we were wine tasting. Then he picked a great spot with spectacular views for us to sit down and eat.

Riding around with Buzz all day feels like you’re riding around with an old friend. I legitimately enjoyed spending as much time with him as we did. He did an indescribably great job, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to go on a Napa wine tour.


5 Stars

Richard D. Leander TX

My name is Richard and I am from Point Venture TX. I came to the Napa Valley in early November. I rented a car from Enterprise. We stopped and had dinner at Trancas Steak House in Napa. I met a Gentlemen who had delivered people to the Trancas Steak House for dinner. This company is My Private Driver. http://www.myprivatedr…. How it worked is I hired their company to drive my car to do a wine tasting tour in Napa the next day. My wife and I and another couple that came along on our vacation went on the wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley in our rental car. We had checked out the rates for Limousines and they were $80.00 and hour to start plus tip.

Buzz the driver for MY Private Driver did a great job. Buzz planned our wine tour and took us too Goosecross Winery, Plumbjack. After Plumbjack we were getting hungry and Buzz had menus with him. We ordered sandwiches by phone and paid for them also. Buzz took us to Pina Winery and he went to get the lunch from Oakville Grocery. Buzz came back and we were ready to eat.. He took us up to Rutherford Hill Winery to eat lunch. Wow what a view. While we were their we did a wine tasting. Buzz while we were wine tasting at Rutherford Hill called and got a Wine Tasting Tour at another Napa Valley Winery called Von Strasser. What a great place and setting just out of Calistoga. We finished our Wine tasting tour at the “Castle” which is a must to see.

What a great day in the Napa Valley on our Napa wine tasting tour. Thanks to Buzz and My Private Driver. The price was so reasonable I cant believe it. Thank you Buzz and http://www.myprivatedr… I recommend this company only if you want to save a lot of money.

Richard Dodd




5 Stars

Ian L. Röthlein, Bayern Germany

My wife and I have just had the most wonderful day traveling around the napa valley with Buzz Vieau from

The rental car was excellent, the driver early, and the flexibility offered to is in terms of where to go and what to see was awesome. We changed and on the road as we went as well as scheduled lunch when we wanted to as oppose to when the tour company decided. Our driver also knew the most beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the views away from the crowds at the food houses which made it more special

Having been to many other vineyards around the globe this was the first time we ha taken a private tour instead of an organized group event and found the day to feel more special and intimate than any previous trip

To have a driver who not only looked after us but was a local man who knew napa years ago before all the wineries enabled us learn about the history of the region too and how things have changed over the years

All in all a wonderful day with a splendid driver which we will thoroughly recommend to friends

Many thanks to My Private Driver



5 Stars

Emily B. San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA
5 Stars

What a thrill to be a rider in my own car! and the upper Napa Valley was amazing. Buz kept us on schedule and had his own helpful knowledge about the to wineries we knew nothing about. All 5 wineries were in Calistoga – every corner was picture perfect and our driver kept us dry and informed. (it was sprinkling some of the stops)

This little wine excursion is a must for those looking to experience a safe and affordable personal tour in a beautiful place

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