Dodge Caravan $55 an hour in Napa Sonoma $60 an hour

My Private DriverWith help from others our vehicles list is growing. We now have  a Dodge Caravan (Soccer Mom) Van. Seats 7 including the driver. Our Lincoln Town Car seats 4 comfortably. We now can carry bigger coolers, maybe a fold-up table and some chairs just so we can pull over in a beautiful spot to have lunch. Oh Yeah, we can carry more wine for you. The Dodge  Van is $55.00 an Hour or Lincoln Town Car is $55.00 an hour.  Sonoma County add $40.00 for gas. We have a six  hour minimum. Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine is $75 an hour. Dodge Executive Van is $88 an hour. All vehicles are 6 hour minimum. Please add 20% Gratuity is added to the total for the driver on all vehicles. San Francisco for all vehicles please ad one hour travel time one way please for Gas & Bridge Tolls……… BOOK NOW.

Lincoln Town Car $55 an Hour


Get A Ride Napa

Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine $75 an Hour


Dodge Executive Transport Van Seats 11 Guests

Our Chrysler That We Drive For Lyft