My Private Driver

Company Policy

You agree to the terms of this website when  give us your credit card information. All credit cards for booking purposes are subject to a 72 hour cancellation procedure.  If you are inside the 72 hours the deposit (if any) is not refundable and you are responsible for the balance of the balance of the wine tour and multiple days if it applies and your credit card will be used to pay the balance.

You must call the office to cancel only @ 707 294-9722. Then you will get a confirmation email that your tour is cancelled outside the 72 hour procedure. All deposits returned are subject to credit card return fees. By submitting your cc card info  you agree to the terms above and for the cars you want us too drive. You also agree for all costs associated and not just limited too bank fees in collecting the dishonored Credit Card payments or cancelled tours.

Prices quoted over the phone are the actually prices even if the website is incorrect.  We reserve the right to quote a higher price over the phone. We are still the lowest priced legal company out there. I know because we check every week.

Itineraries are required, a plan if you may. There are probably more stressful things in life than being in the Napa or Sonoma Wine Country without a plan. It can be intimidating even if you have been here before. A lot of our guests opt to use our free concierge services and let us make them a free Itinerary. All we need is if you like Red or White wines, price point, and if you want vineyard tours, cave experiences. You can change your itinerary if possible and starting pickup times up to 24 hours in advance.  Why! If you have appointments  they need to be changed and they may not be changed at all. It could be a problem within your group. If you changed the itinerary that we put together and do not let us know, you credit card could be charged by the winery you are canceling. That is company policy of some of the wineries. Just sayin!!!!

Please keep in mind that most if not  all experiences take up to 90 minutes to 2 hours. Why! They are trying to sell you wine. Most of the wineries do not sell wholesale so you have to get it here in the Napa or Sonoma Valley’s. We are partners in this and we cannot do it without your input.

Thank you for using My Private Driver Referral Service.